2023 with Hannah T Photography


2023 was a year full of growth, learning to balance being a mom and a business owner, such sweet memories with my couples and clients, trying new experiences, and it was a year that flew by way too fast.


business wise: I celebrated 4 years of Hannah T Photography

I captured 21 couples, 11 weddings of my own couples and 10 weddings working with other photographers.

i had 43 sessions: engagement, family, maternity, etc. 

i edited 22,079 photos.

I travelled over 3,600 miles.


Personal life: Our daughter turned one.

We visited family back home several times and got to spend most of the summer up north.

I visited over 30 new coffee shops.

We travelled to Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Tennessee.


2023 was a great year but I’m sure looking forward to 2024!


Scroll down to see a photo from every wedding, engagement session, family and lifestyle session, and my personal life. I started to narrow it down to just 10 photos for each but that was impossible so i’m sharing it all here! there’s also a little surprise at the end too.







I am so grateful for all of the amazing people that i got to work with this year: couples, families, clients, vendors, etc. 

I’m going into 2024 feeling very blessed and excited for another great year! Let’s preserve and create new memories for you!