Connor + Samantha | Simpson Lakes Wedding


Congratulations Connor + Samantha!

These two had meaningful details and a fun group of people surrounding them all day! from connor’s UCF socks to their first date golf card being displayed during cocktail hour to the bouquet that Sam’s sister out together for her, there many special touches.

the. girls were ready for pj photos and champagne before getting dressed for bridesmaid photos. Sam hadn’t showed any of her bridesmaids her dress so they had a bridesmaid first look and it was so worth it! sam also had a first look with her dad and they were excited to see each other.

During their ceremony, connor and sam were both emotional as Sam walked down the aisle to Connor and their personal vows really showed the genuine relationship that they have together. 

they were able to enjoy part of cocktail hour with their guests where they had some personal details and an amazing charcuterie board!

Their reception started with a big introduction of their bridal party and then cheers all around when connor and sam came in. They had a choreographed dance that was beautiful! Sam and her dad then surprised everyone by doing a fun dance together!

they danced the night away and before their sparkler exit, they had a private last dance together.

Scroll down to see some of my favorite photos from their day including their getting ready, their newborn niece, their bridal party, Connor’s reaction to seeing Sam for the first time, their choreographed first dance, the stunning sunset, and more!