Bridal Shower Themes

Wedding Wednesday

One of the best parts of the experience as a future bride is getting to celebrate in multiple ways. A bridal shower is a fun event with the bride’s closest friends and family. It’s typically held closer to the wedding date so some guests can spend time with the bride before the wedding.¬†Usually the maid of honor or a close female relative will plan the bridal shower so the bride doesn’t have to do any work. Sometimes the bride might want to pick a theme or idea of their own. Other times it’s fun for the bride to be surprised the day of! I love seeing the different bridal shower themes that are planned.


I’ve seen some really cute bridal shower inspiration that I want to share to give some ideas for anyone planning a bridal shower:

+ Garden theme – Have a flower/bouquet bar and serve tea with little snacks

+ Tropical theme – Pineapple and orange decorations, serve fruity drinks and colorful food

+ Brunch theme – Create a station to make your own waffles, fruit parfaits, etc. and make it cozy

+ Elegant theme – Decorate with soft colors, add in some French details, and include romantic touches

+ Girly theme – Think lots of pinks and reds, it’s like a Valentine’s party with candy and girly details

+ Boho theme – Peacock chairs, neutral/earthy colors, dried florals and pampas grass

+ Dessert theme – Lots of ice cream, cake, cookies and fun details


There’s so many ideas and they all can be done personally and in unique ways. Do any of these bridal shower themes stand out to you?