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Capturing your wedding day with photos is one of the most important things. However, having video of your wedding day is something you will always hold onto as well. Videos capture real moments happening and even more emotion than a photo. Videography combined with photography of your wedding is the ultimate experience that will show all of the emotion and happiness of the day.

I reached out to Kemari from Kemari Lyn Films to find out more about what they offer and any tips to help couples. Kemari and her husband, Jacob, are a team and work so well together. Their films are absolutely beautiful and they capture such special moments. Kemari is not only a trained filmmaker, but also one of the sweetest people you could meet. Kemari and Jacob are all about telling your story as a couple and getting to know you personally. They enjoy developing a relationship with you both that will bring that extra factor to your wedding video. They offer different length videos and collections based on the amount of hours you want covered (8, 10, or 12 hours.) They also have options to add-on to your collection. You can read more information specific to Kemari Lyn Films at the end of this post.

Kemari gave some tips for couples looking to hire a videographer and what to expect:

  • Look at many different videographers. They all offer different styles and options for your wedding day.

  • Watch their wedding videos! At least 3 videos for each videographer should show you their consistency and you can usually find them on their website or ask to see more.

  • Ask to see a full ceremony video so you know what yours would look like.

  • Talk to the videographers about how they work as a team or with photographers.

  • Take the time to make sure you get along with them and feel comfortable. This could mean several phone calls, meeting in person, or a video call.

  • Find out if they outsource their editing or if they personally edit their videos. It’s okay if they outsource, but the editor they’re hiring might not know family dynamics or the true feel of the day.

  • Understand that it’s a long process for your videographer. In addition to the prep ahead of your wedding and the day of video coverage, they’ll spend 60 or more hours editing each wedding. Creating wedding films takes quite a bit of time and work so it’s important to remember that the whole process factors into the investment pricing.

Kemari Lyn Films offers an aerial drone, 2 videographers, multiple cameras, color correction, audio, and a full version of the ceremony with every collection. They also offer add-ons that include all your useable footage edited as one long documentary video (think elevated and cinematic home video), video guest books like a toast or message your guests can record, and highlight films based on the length you want. They send out a questionnaire and go over details a month before your wedding to make sure things go smoothly.

You can find more information and contact Kemari or Jacob here:

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